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WNBA expands to Atlanta + WNBA draft lottery results

Atlanta's WNBA franchise ready to get ball rolling

With no name, no coaches, no players and no shortage of skeptics, Atlanta's newest professional sports franchise declared itself open for business Wednesday.

The city's expansion team in the WNBA — the women's pro basketball league — was officially announced at a Centennial Olympic Park news conference, where team owner Ron Terwilliger called the day "one of the best of my life."

The real-estate executive said work begins immediately on getting ready to play ball next spring. The team's early priorities, he said, include hiring a head coach, selling corporate sponsorships, setting ticket prices and moving into offices in a downtown building he owns.

As for when his team will actually have some players, that is up in the air.


The results of the 2008 WNBA Draft Lottery

1. Los Angeles
2. Chicago Sky
3. Minnesota Lynx
4. Atlanta
5. Houston Comets
6. Washington Mystics
7. New York
8. Seattle
9. Connecticut
10. Sacramento
11. Detroit
12. Indiana
13. Phoenix
14. New York

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