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let me tell you a story about a woman named ruth riley...

after the unfair game last night, we went to the autograph session at the the mercado at section 107

ruth riley and helen darling came out to give autographs.

most of y'all know ruth is my favorite player, i mean, look at my default.

so, we waited till the crowd was gone to go behind the belt to take a picture of her

as always she looks at us for a picture, and it was amazing.

we were going to leave, so we went behind the belt and my sisters friend was trying to tell my nephew to tell ruth ,"good luck o saturday and sunday" (the next games, sunday if necessary, becky will make it necessary)

so after a while, she was open, and he called her, she looked at him, and he was surprised, so he told her good luck on saturday, and i think she heard, then she saw me with the camera and me wearing her jersey that i recently bought with a little extra financial aid money.

so she was basically smiling at me for the picture. and i took it. then, we were going to leave but the line was already gone, so we figured we'd stay after the session for another picture. i was going to ask for an autograph, but i didnt have a marker.

when it was over, she had some guests of hers meet her, so she stayed a bit. then as she was talking to her guests, some guy just interrupted her, and she gave him an autograph, so i waited till she was open and asked her for an autograph.

she was like sure, then my sisters friend took a picture of her signing it.

then she was all, "you wanna turn around?", like already knowing i wanted a picture.

so yeah, i took another picture, a more sane one. and yeah, wow.

i mean katie feenstra knew i was a big fan of hers and she was like meh.

this year we traded her for ruth, and damn, i fell in love, and kinda forgot about katie (you can find me and her under my pics).

so ruth knows that im one of her biggest fans, and shes cool about it, she was really nice to me knowing that i sexually harassed and stalked her in san marcos. :P

so yeah, just though i let you know. oh yeah, and like 14,000 + people at the at&t center. wow, a record, they even opened the section 200. hopefully we get to next round and we can sell it out for the finals. i have faith. after that bullshit win, becky will make it her priority to take us there. her and sophia, shanna, vickie, helen, and of course, ruth, if she could stay out of foul trouble.

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